Hand Built Valve Amplifiers

for tone enthusiasts.
Welcome to the home of Healey Amplification LTD, we’re a small audio electronics company who specialize in the manufacturing of guitar amplification products. We have previously designed and assembled products for other guitar amplification companies some of whom are house hold names in the guitar amplification world.

Our goal as a company is to provide the most robust, well engineered, versatile and best sounding guitar amplifiers in the world, our amplifiers are made for tone enthusiasts.

12 Watt Studio Sapphire – Technical Specification

Operational Class

Pre-Amp Valves
Power-Amp Valves
Power Into 8/16 Ohm
Input Impedance

Class A Single Ended – Global Negative Feedback
x2 JJ ECC83
x2 JJ EL84
12 Watts RMS
8 & 16 OHM
1M Ohm


Customer Warranty  & Servicing Document (PDF Document)

Point of Sale & Technical Specification Document (PDF Document)

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+44 (0) 1535 606086 neil@thedenkeighley.co.uk

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As a specialist in Hi-Fi amplification ‘The Den’ is one of the most respected retailers in the United Kingdom, with a range of products that place quality of construction and audio quality above all else.

This isn’t the usual place you would find guitar amplifiers, but as a stockist of other high end guitar amplifier products and a rare attention to detail, extraordinary technical knowledge and world class customer service rarely found in many other retailers in the U.K. The Den is the place to visit for all high end audio products!

I have been building, modifying and tinkering with guitar amplifiers for as long as I can remember, the original desire to do so came from dissatisfaction with what was currently available on the market.

There simply wasn’t the tone of those great recordings I grew up listening to available to the working musician at a sensible price. The distinctive roar of those vintage amps cranked up on the timeless classic rock albums of the 60s, 70s and 80s eluded me for years!

I eventually invested in a 100w amplifier from 1969 with a plexi glass front panel and that famous white logo scripted across the front! I’ve always had a deep respect for the past in terms of engineering and quality of tone, those old great British heads of the 60s and right up the mid 70s were wonderful pieces of engineering with tone to die for! Although running an amplifier that was over 40 years old can also have it’s issues as replacing components to make the amplifier function properly will devalued it.

Another consideration is the invention of effective P.A. systems, the soaring prices of collectable vintage amplifiers and the working musician becoming more conscientious of volume levels. This means cranking a ’69 plexi is no longer a viable solution to get that brilliant tone we all know and love.

So I set about designing a 12W amplifier that is surprisingly loud, loud enough to gig with infact, brilliant with a microphone in front of it in the studio, light weight, portable and very sturdy.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as taking those classic circuits and attaching them to a smaller power section this simply doesn’t yield the tone we all know and love for various reasons beyond the scope of this article.

This is where the concept of the Healey Sapphire came from, it was a long process that took many hours of objective listening in a studio situation and a live situation, a solid understanding of how to extract the correct feeling from the power supply to the musicians fingers and give an unparalleled level of dynamic control

I believe I have achieved all those classic tones from the late 60s through to the modified high gain heads of the 80s packaged into an amplifier not much bigger than a shoe box.

This isn’t to say this is a clone, this is a completely new circuit of my own design it has it’s own tonal quirks it’s got a mid range complexity that allows it to slice straight through any mix. A focused and tight bottom end response and the ability to go from crystal clear clean tones to some of the most focused and responsive high gain sounds I believe you can experience.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have, using the form below. My direct email is info@healeyamplification.co.uk

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